Westfield Offers "Sweet Sounds" Downtown!


What’s better than enjoying a night out in the lovely downtown Westfield? Having a free soundtrack to your evening provided by the Sweet Sounds Downtown Jazz Festival. The 20th annual jazz festival will begin July 5th and continuing until August 30th, come downtown to catch some local favorites every Tuesday from 7 PM- 9PM. My favorite part about the jazz festival? The sense of community it creates, by bringing people of all ages together for the shared joy of sweet sounds provided by groups like Radam Schwartz, The Joe Taino Group, Jazz Lobsters, and Lynette Washington.

Enjoy music all over town while shopping and dining at your favorite spots. There’s the new Grilled Cheese Shoppe on Quimby Street or grab a slice and enjoy outdoor seating at Ferrarro’s Restaurant on Elm Street. Let the little ones enjoy a DIY frozen yogurt sundae from Let’s YO Yogurt on East Broad Street. And for the adults looking to wind down after a busy work day and have a drink accompanied by the sweet sounds of jazz, stop by 16 Prospect Wine Bar & Bistro. The Sweet Sounds Jazz Festival is just one of the many reasons I love this community so much. It’s a great opportunity to meet people, shop at local stores and boutiques, grab a bite, and make summer memories that are certain to last a lifetime. For more information, visit WestfieldToday.com. Interested in looking for a home in Westfield? Contact me, Gloria Centanni, at 908-337-5571 or send me an e-mail at gloriacentanni@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to chatting with you!